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    “Two-faced” Janus particle activating a macrophage

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    “Two-faced” Janus particle activating a macrophage


    A macrophage—a type of immune cell that engulfs invaders—“eats” and is activated by a “two-faced” Janus particle. The particle is called “two-faced” because each of its two hemispheres is coated with a different type of molecule, shown here in red and cyan. During macrophage activation, a transcription factor tagged with a green fluorescence protein (NF-κB) gradually moves from the cell’s cytoplasm into its nucleus and causes DNA transcription. The distribution of molecules on “two-faced” Janus particles can be altered to control the activation of immune cells. Details on this “geometric manipulation” strategy can be found in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper "Geometrical reorganization of Dectin-1 and TLR2 on single phagosomes alters their synergistic immune signaling" by Li et al. and the Scientific Reports paper "Spatial organization of FcγR and TLR2/1 on phagosome membranes differentially regulates their synergistic and inhibitory receptor crosstalk" by Li et al. This video was captured using epi-fluorescence microscopy.

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    Internal NoteAlt text: A cell engulfs a two-colored sphere. Then, small particles are seen collecting in the cell’s nucleus. A RAW264.7 macrophage cell internalized and was activated by a “two-faced” Janus particle that was coated with ligand for Fc receptors on one hemisphere and ligand for Toll-like receptor 2 on the other hemisphere. During cell activation, the transcription factor RelA with a green fluorescence protein (GFP) tag gradually translocates from cell cytoplasm into the nucleus and leads to subsequent DNA transcription. The ligand distribution pattern on the “two-faced” Janus particles can be altered to control the activation of immune cells. Details on this “geometric manipulation” strategy can be found in Li et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2019, 116, 25106-114; and Li et al. Sci Rep 2021, 11 (1), 13430. Dear Abbey, Thank you for reaching out. We will be delighted to provide some videos for the gallery. Here is the link to a folder containing three videos and the corresponding word document with the necessary information. Yan Yu, Ph.D. Associate Professor Chemistry Department Indiana University 800 E. Kirkwood Ave Bloomington, IN 47401 Phone: (812) 855-0593 https://yu.lab.indiana.edu/
    KeywordsWhite blood cell, immune system, NF-kappaB, NF-KB, TLR-2
    SourceYan Yu, Indiana University, Bloomington.
    Credit LineWenqian Li, Yan Yu Group, Indiana University, Bloomington.
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    Topic Area(s);#Cells;#Tools and Techniques;#
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