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    Epithelial cell migration

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    Epithelial cell migration


    High-resolution time lapse of epithelial (skin) cell migration and wound healing. It shows an image taken every 13 seconds over the course of almost 14 minutes. The images were captured with quantitative orientation-independent differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope (left) and a conventional DIC microscope (right).

    More information about the research that produced this video can be found in the Journal of Microscopy paper “An Orientation-Independent DIC Microscope Allows High Resolution Imaging of Epithelial Cell Migration and Wound Healing in a Cnidarian Model” by Malamy and Shribak.
    Public NoteA black and white video showing cells moving to close a wound.
    Internal NoteYes, I give my permission to add the three movies (crane fly, circular lamellipodia, and baby squids) and the mouse brain slice image to your image and video gallery. Thank you, Michael Michael Shribak, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Marine Biological Laboratory/ University of Chicago 7 MBL St Woods Hole, MA 02543
    Keywordscell movement, heal cells
    SourceMichael Shribak, Marine Biological Laboratory/University of Chicago.
    Credit LineMichael Shribak, Marine Biological Laboratory/University of Chicago, and Jocelyn Malamy, University at Chicago.
    Investigatorcircular lamellipodia. High resolution imaging of epithelial cell migration and wound healing in a Chidarian model using orientation-independent DIC microscope (left) and conventional DIC microscope (right). This is a time-lapse movie of small wounds healing. The time interval between frames was 13 seconds. The duration of the entire movie is 13 min 39 sec. Captured with quantitative orientation-independent differential interference contrast (OI-DIC). I think yes that circular lamellipodia are a formation of the epithelial cells. Yes, it would be appropriate to use a publication https://doi.org/10.1111/jmi.12682 as a reference. https://figshare.com/articles/media/movie_2_circular_lamellipodia_v2_avi/5445208
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