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    Himastatin and bacteria
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    Himastatin and bacteria


    A model of the molecule himastatin overlaid on an image of Bacillus subtilis bacteria. Scientists first isolated himastatin from the bacterium Streptomyces himastatinicus, and the molecule shows antibiotic activity. The researchers who created this image developed a new, more concise way to synthesize himastatin so it can be studied more easily. They also tested the effects of himastatin and derivatives of the molecule on B. subtilis.

    More information about the research that produced this image can be found in the Science paper “Total synthesis of himastatin” by D’Angelo et al.

    Related to image 6848 and video 6851.
    Public NoteA ball-and-stick model of an oblong molecule overlaid on an image of long, narrow, brightly colored bacteria.
    Internal NoteFrom: Mohammad Movassaghi Sent on: Monday, February 28, 2022 4:22:18 PM To: Yang, Jiong (NIH/NIGMS) [E] Subject: Re: 1 R35 GM141963-01 Dear Jiong, I am delighted to provide graphics/movies and I will be happy to edit them as needed to optimize their utility for the Communications and Public Liaisons team. Best wishes, Mo -- --- Mohammad Movassaghi, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Chemistry 77 Massachusetts Avenue, 18-290 Cambridge, MA 02139 TEL: 617.253.3986 movassag@mit.edu http://web.mit.edu/movassag/www/index.htm
    SourceMohammad Movassaghi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    Credit LineMohammad Movassaghi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    InvestigatorA picture of the molecule overplayed with an image related to MoA studies with B. subtilis.
    Record TypePhotograph
    Topic Area(s);#Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology;#Molecular Structures;#
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