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    Introduction to Genome Editing Using CRISPR/Cas9

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    Introduction to Genome Editing Using CRISPR/Cas9


    Genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 is a rapidly expanding field of scientific research with emerging applications in disease treatment, medical therapeutics and bioenergy, just to name a few. This technology is now being used in laboratories all over the world to enhance our understanding of how living biological systems work, how to improve treatments for genetic diseases and how to develop energy solutions for a better future.
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    Internal NoteHi Jennifer, I was just chatting with Janet Iwasa and she mentioned the CRISPR illustration (pasted below) and animation that she created for you. I know that NIGMS didn’t fund Janet’s work, but would we be able to use it when we write about your NIGMS-funded CRISPR/Cas9 work? We could certainly include whatever credit is appropriate. Specifically, if you happen to get a call from Sweden next week, would NIGMS have permission to use the illustration and/or animation in our Nobel Prize announcement? (By the way, Jon Lorsch loves molecular animations!) We still have the cartoon that we created last year (see https://biobeat.nigms.nih.gov/2015/12/recognition-for-crispr-gene-editing-tool/), but it would be nice to use Janet’s more professional-looking work as well. Please let me know. And if the answer is yes, please let me know how to obtain a copy of the animation. Thanks much. Stay close to the phone on Monday and Wednesday morning (well, 2:30 am your time), Alisa Hi Alisa, I'm delighted for NIGMS to use Janet's fabulous work! The image you have is great, and I will ask Megan Hochstrasser, cc'd here, to send you a link to the video that Janet made for us that illustrates gene editing by CRISPR-Cas9. Thanks for your interest and support, much appreciated. All the best, Jennifer
    KeywordsCas9 CRISPR DNA gene editing genetics
    SourceJanet Iwasa
    Credit LineJanet Iwasa
    InvestigatorJennifer Doudna
    Record TypeVideo
    Topic Area(s);#Genes;#Tools and Techniques;#
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