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    Mouse cerebellum in pink and blue
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    Mouse cerebellum in pink and blue


    The cerebellum is the brain's locomotion control center. Found at the base of your brain, the cerebellum is a single layer of tissue with deep folds like an accordion. People with damage to this region of the brain often have difficulty with balance, coordination and fine motor skills.

    This image of a mouse cerebellum is part of a collection of such images in different colors and at different levels of magnification from the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR). Related to image 5795.
    Public Note
    Internal NoteThis is Mouse Cerebellum 3 from NCMIR. Tom Deerinck almost certainly has a larger/higher resolution image. Tom Deerinck gave permission for us to post publicly all the images in the NCMIR gallery (https://ncmir.ucsd.edu/gallery/image-gallery). This image was produced sometime in 2012 or before and uploaded on 10-20-16.
    Keywords mouse cerebellum NCMIR cerebellum mouse cerebellum
    Source National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR)
    Credit LineMark Ellisman, NCMIR
    InvestigatorTom Deerinck and Mark Ellisman, NCMIR
    Record TypePhotograph
    Topic Area(s);#Cells;#
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5800_Cerebellum NCMIR 3_S.jpg
Low187 KB 3/29/2019 9:40 AMConstantinides, Stephen (NIH/NIGMS) [C]
5800_Cerebellum NCMIR 3_T.jpg
Thumbnail187 KB 3/29/2019 9:39 AMConstantinides, Stephen (NIH/NIGMS) [C]
Cerebellum NCMIR 3 med-re-square.jpg
Medium2438 KB 10/20/2016 10:43 AMMachalek, Alisa (NIH/NIAMS) [E]
Cerebellum NCMIR 3.jpg
High1111 KB 10/20/2016 10:43 AMMachalek, Alisa (NIH/NIAMS) [E]

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