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    Disrupted vascular development in frog embryos

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    Disrupted vascular development in frog embryos


    Disassembly of vasculature in kdr:GFP frogs following addition of 250 µM TBZ. Related to images 3404 and 3505.
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    Internal NotePermission obtained through secure email exchange: Hye Ji, Thank you so much for all your help with my video project on your work. We?re really excited about featuring it in our upcoming e-newsletter. We were wondering if you might be able to send us the larger-resolution version of the vasculature video files you mentioned in our previous correspondence. We?d like to feature them in the video, as well as in our public domain Media Gallery. You and your institution would be credited in that entry. I realize that the files are too large to send via e-mail. Therefore, I?m about to send you a message via NIH?s Secure Email service for file-sharing. Here?s what you need to do to get the files to me: 1) You?ll receive a message from SecureEmailNotice@nih.gov. Click on the link within the message to access the Secure Email service. 2) From there you?ll have to register with a username and password. 3) You?ll receive an additional message with a link to activate your account. 4) Once your account is activated, you can sign in using your username and password. 5) When you sign in, you?ll see an alert that you?ve received a message. Click on the ?Received? link. 6) You may upload the files to the reply message by clicking ?Browse? and locating the files on your computer. The system will confirm with me that you?ve seen them. Thank you again for all your help! Let me know if you have questions.
    Keywordsgreen fluorescent protein
    SourceHye Ji Cha, University of Texas at Austin
    Date2012-09-11 00:00:00
    Credit LineHye Ji Cha, Edward Marcotte and John Wallingford, University of Texas at Austin
    Record TypeVideo
    Topic Area(s);#Molecular Structures;#
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