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    Human opioid receptor structure superimposed on poppy
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    Human opioid receptor structure superimposed on poppy


    Opioid receptors on the surfaces of brain cells are involved in pleasure, pain, addiction, depression, psychosis, and other conditions. The receptors bind to both innate opioids and drugs ranging from hospital anesthetics to opium. Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute, supported by the NIGMS Protein Structure Initiative, determined the first three-dimensional structure of a human opioid receptor, a kappa-opioid receptor. In this illustration, the submicroscopic receptor structure is shown while bound to an agonist (or activator). The structure is superimposed on a poppy flower, the source of opium.
    Public Note
    Internal NoteCaption from news release: The structure of the kappa-opioid receptor with bound antagonist JDTic is shown resting in a poppy flower, the source of opium. Image by Yekaterina Kadyshevskaya, PSI:Biology GPCR Network, The Scripps Research Institute.
    SourceRaymond Stevens, The Scripps Research Institute
    Date2012-03-22 00:00:00
    Credit LineYekaterina Kadyshevskaya, The Scripps Research Institute
    InvestigatorRaymond Stevens, The Scripps Research Institute
    Record TypeIllustration
    Topic Area(s);#Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology;#Molecular Structures;#
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