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    Planarian stem cell colony
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    Planarian stem cell colony


    Planarians are freshwater flatworms that have powerful abilities to regenerate their bodies, which would seem to make them natural model organisms in which to study stem cells. But until recently, scientists had not been able to efficiently find the genes that regulate the planarian stem cell system. In this image, a single stem cell has given rise to a colony of stem cells in a planarian. Proliferating cells are red, and differentiating cells are blue. Quantitatively measuring the size and ratios of these two cell types provides a powerful framework for studying the roles of stem cell regulatory genes in planarians.
    Public Note
    Internal NotePermission and high-res file from Peter Reddien. Dear Joe, You are welcome to use this image. I've attached a high resolution version best wishes, Peter Peter Reddien, Ph. D. Howard Hughes Medical Institute MIT Biology Member, Whitehead Institute 9 Cambridge Center Cambridge, MA 02142 (617) 324-4083 reddien@wi.mit.edu On Jun 21, 2013, at 1:46 PM, "Piergrossi, Joe (NIH/NIGMS) [C]" wrote: Dear Dr. Reddien, Last November we featured some of your research (credited alongside Hanh Thi-Kim Vu and Jochen Rink) in our series Research in Action. We would like to use the image associated with that article in our online image gallery. Would you allow us to do so? Granting us permission to do so would mean the image would be available to the public for education, media and other uses, in addition to NIGMS/NIH use. If you do grant permission, please send a high-resolution version of the picture. Thanks! Joe Joe Piergrossi [C], Science Writing Intern National Institute of General Medical Sciences Phone: 301-496-7301 Email: joe.piergrossi@nih.gov 45 Center Drive, Bethesda, MD 20892
    SourcePeter Reddien, Whitehead Institute
    Date2012-03-08 00:00:00
    Credit LineDan Wagner, Whitehead Institute
    Record TypePhotograph
    Topic Area(s);#Cells;#Genes;#
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