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    Cluster analysis of mysterious protein
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    Cluster analysis of mysterious protein


    Researchers use cluster analysis to study protein shape and function. Each green circle represents one potential shape of the protein mitoNEET. The longer the blue line between two circles, the greater the differences between the shapes. Most shapes are similar; they fall into three clusters that are represented by the three images of the protein. From a Rice University news release. Graduate student Elizabeth Baxter and Patricia Jennings, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UCSD, collaborated with José Onuchic, a physicist at Rice University, on this work.
    Public Note
    Internal NoteObtained image and permission from Patricia Jennings and Elizabeth Baxter 1/31/12.
    SourcePatricia Jennings and Elizabeth Baxter, University of California, San Diego
    Date2012-02-02 00:00:00
    Credit LineElizabeth Baxter, University of California, San Diego
    InvestigatorPatricia Jennings, University of California, San Diego
    Record TypeIllustration
    Topic Area(s);#Molecular Structures;#Tools and Techniques;#
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