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    Disease-resistant Arabidopsis leaf
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    Disease-resistant Arabidopsis leaf


    This is a magnified view of an Arabidopsis thaliana leaf a few days after being exposed to the pathogen Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis. The plant from which this leaf was taken is genetically resistant to the pathogen. The spots in blue show areas of localized cell death where infection occurred, but it did not spread. Compare this response to that shown in Image 2782. Jeff Dangl has been funded by NIGMS to study the interactions between pathogens and hosts that allow or suppress infection.
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    Keywordsresearch organism, parasite, downy mildew, oomycete microbes, peronosporaceae, thale cress, mouse-ear cress
    SourceJeff Dangl, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Date2010-12-10 00:00:00
    Credit LineJeff Dangl, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    InvestigatorJeff Dangl, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Record TypePhotograph
    Topic Area(s);#Cells;#Genes;#
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