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    Early ribbon drawing of a protein
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    Early ribbon drawing of a protein


    This ribbon drawing of a protein hand drawn and colored by researcher Jane Richardson in 1981 helped originate the ribbon representation of proteins that is now ubiquitous in molecular graphics. The drawing shows the 3-dimensional structure of the protein triose phosphate isomerase. The green arrows represent the barrel of eight beta strands in this structure and the brown spirals show the protein's eight alpha helices. A black and white version of this drawing originally illustrated a review article in Advances in Protein Chemistry, volume 34, titled "Anatomy and Taxonomy of Protein Structures." The illustration was selected as Picture of The Day on the English Wikipedia for November 19, 2009. Other important and beautiful images of protein structures by Jane Richardson are available in her Wikimedia gallery.
    Public Note
    Internal NoteJane Richardson wrote to Alisa M. on 6/4/2010 to offer use of this and other images.
    KeywordsEnzyme, TPI, TIM, 3D structire, three-dimensional, protein structure, molecular structure
    SourceJane Richardson, Duke University Medical Center
    Date2010-06-18 00:00:00
    Credit LineJane Richardson, Duke University Medical Center
    InvestigatorJane Richardson, Duke University Medical Center
    Record TypeIllustration
    Topic Area(s);#Molecular Structures;#
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